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Sport Truck

Chevy Silverado 427 SS - Yes Please!

Posted October 31 2006 02:50 PM by Edward A. Sanchez 
Filed under: What's New, Truck News , Chevy

Silverado 427 SS Concept

Of the notable Sport Trucks of the last few years, it seems Chevy
"got it" the least of the big three. Dodge got it in a big way with
the Ram SRT-10, and Ford definitely got it with the last Lightning.
Chevy, with its large, heavy, extended-cab, all-wheel drive
Silverado SS, arguably missed the memo on what it takes to make a
"real" Sport Truck. Granted, they later offered a two-wheel-drive
version, and a Dale Earnhardt decal-special, but it seems they came
to the game with too little, too late.

Well, at this year's 2006 SEMA show, Chevy showed off this tasty
treat: the Silverado 427 SS. This is the essence of a sport truck.
Short bed, stick shift, and one big honkin' engine. No less than the
Corvette Z06's 505-horse LS7. Whichever team built this prototype definitely "got it." Now it's just a question if they can convince the corporate brass to loosen the purse strings to make it happen.

Will they actually build this? Chances are less than likely. We are
talking about GM, after all. Granted, if you were determined and
rich enough, you could probably build a reasonable approximation of
this one-off concept from the GM Performance Parts catalog, but
wouldn't it be a lot nicer if you could just walk in to your Chevy
dealer, scribble a check, and lay rubber off the lot and down the
street in one of these bad boys?

So, Chevy. Here's our request. Keep it simple. Limit the options.
Price it around $37-40k, and you'll sell every single freakin' one
you build, guaranteed.  

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