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Why I Don't Change my own Oil

changing oil
Posted April 24 2007 01:19 PM by Sport Truck G 
Filed under: Miscellaneous, Funny Stories

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It seems that I had written a blog on here without actually writing it, cool, my nifty idea about thinking the words and them showing up on the screen is finally starting to work. The only problem with this is the fact that those weren't the words I was thinking. So I still need to work on that theory and R&D it a little more.

It just so happens that our Sport Truck web editor Monica attempted to take on the persona of me and tried to make fun of something I said, which it is kinda was. But something that she forgot to tell you is why I go and have my oil changed. First reason, with as hectic as my schedule is the chances of changing oil in the middle of the week is like zero at best and if think I'm going to change my oil on one of the few weekends that I actually have to myself and not at a show your as crazy as Kathy Bates is in Misery. Second, why am I going to change my own oil when having it done (even at the dealership) and having Roberto do the work is more cost effective than going out and buying the needed parts and spending the time doing it myself? How can I say that, let me tell you.

If I do it myself I have to go to the local auto parts store spend 20 minutes finding parts oil and standing in line to buy an oil filter at $5.99 plus tax and 5 quarts of oil at $2.99 plus tax and any fluids that I may need. Return home, go and change clothes, putt the front end of the car on jack stands, R&R the filter and oil and spending 20 minutes in labor. Lower the car back down break the lug nuts loose jack the car back up rotate the wheels and tires lower the car back down and do the same on the other side and spend another 20 minutes dicking around with that. Then I get to check and top off all the fluids for another 5 minutes of my life I will never get back. Then I get to go inside clean up and change clothes come back out and lay down some plastic in the truck load the used motor oil and drive back to the auto parts store and stand in line for another 20 minutes to recycle it.

Finally, after all that I get to do what I want to do, oh wait no I can't I'm still trying to cool off and pulling tools out of the wall cause I just wasting the last hour and a half of my life on something that cost me more to do myself than someone else. If I go to the dealership I drive in, talk to the service writer for 5 minutes and hand him my keys. Half an hour later he tells me that my car received the oil change, checked and replenished the fluids and they rotated my tires then he hands me the keys back and I walk up to the cashier pay my $23.95 and I'm on my way.

So the final break down is as follows, to do it myself it cost me $21.56 in parts, 50 cents for one Band-Aid and some peroxide, $10.00 to patch the hole in the wall from the 13mm wrench because my hand slipped off the wrench and an hour and a half of time which brings the total to $32.06 plus labor. Taking it to the dealer costs me $23.95 with labor and 35 minutes of time. So if you want to call me lazy feel free, I don't mind, cause in the end that is just more time I get to cruise the "whip", I don't have a headache and I'm not pissed off!

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