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How to Drive Your Truck Underwater

Dodge Ram Has No Trouble Driving in a Lake
Posted March 24 2009 09:59 AM by STMIKE 
Filed under: Editorial

Dodge Ram up to the doors in Water

      Ever had your truck up to the doors in water? Me neigther, but I did watch a guy from Vegas drive right into a lake without hesitation on Sunday. It was cool!

      I voluteer with a drag boat racing organization (, to help put on races in California. Last weekend we put on our largest race ever, at Lake Elsinore, CA. The event was a huge success on Saturday, drawing thousands of spectators and over 100 race boats to the lake. On Sunday, the weather turned bad and the race was cancelled due to high winds. Sunday evening was spent picking up the race course from the water using whatever means necessary, in this case it was a 4-wheel drive Dodge Ram.

I wonder how bad his carpet smelled on the way from to Las Vegas!

Though I've never actually driven any of my trucks through a lake, here's a few tips I gleamed from careful observation of this fellas skills behind the wheel:

1. Have a coctail ready before you get behind the wheel.

2. Put a few friends in the bed of the truck just in case  you need rescuing.

3. Put the trans in 4Low and back 'er on in.

4. Laugh loud and heartily.

5. Drive on out with four wheels a spinnin'

6. Laugh more and finish your coctail.

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