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Sport Truck

I Just Want To Know Why

Why The Sudden Cut In Production?
Posted February 18 2010 06:39 PM by 5569 
Filed under: Opinion, Truck News

1973 Chevy C10

For those of you who are waiting patiently and expectedly for the next issue of Sport Truck Magazine to hit the newsstands or arrive in the mail, it will not happen.

"I have been buying sport truck on the newsstands for 10 years now and noticed there hasen't been a new issue in a few months. Just wondering I don't want to miss any issues."

"This will be my third time writing to Sport truck. I just want to know why, you are no longer making sport truck. Just all of the sudden to cut production? I would like to hear a reason why..... Or if you don't have the time to write to all the upset people who no longer get sport truck, then post one reason on your website as to why. But I feel you do owe the people who were loyal all those years a reason as to why.... Thank you for your time."

It is true that the last issue of Sport Truck Magazine was the December 2009 issue. I truly understand the sadness, shock, and anger caused by this unexpected news. If I could change such a decision, I would. And, like the reader's comment above, I would like to hear a reason why. I have been working on this site since 2006, and had enjoyed contact with the editorial staff right until the very end. I certainly did not see the end coming, and from what I can gather, neither did they. I don't know what to tell you guys, other than business is business.

Here's what I've learned from it all and here's how I'm dealing with it. Appreciate every moment, because in an instant, everything can change. Try not to take the good things in life for granted. Things, like Sport Truck, don't last forever. I never truly thought Sport Truck would end. Keep your collection of Sport Truck Magazines. I have the first issue of Sport Truck and consider it valuable. I could stop working on this site at any time, but I truly like Sport Truck and will fight for this site to stay alive with everything I have. I'd rather build it up than just forget about it. And by the way, this site is still doing very well. 

I know none of this answered your questions, but please understand that I do not have the answer. The good news is that you are being heard, and I'm glad the magazine mattered to you guys.  

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