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2009 SEMA Show Booth Babes & Models
12 SEMA Booth Babe Photos Posted November 12 2009 11:33 AM by 5569

The softer, prettier side of SEMA.

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2009 West Coast Nationals River Run
Return of the River Run Posted September 24 2009 05:05 PM by 5569

The original River Run is back! That's right, the West Coast Nationals Truck Run & Show will return to the La Paz County Park in Parker, Arizona, September 25-27, 2009.

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Sport Truck's '73 Chevy needed a few roadside repairs
On the road again Posted September 10 2009 09:02 AM by STMIKE

I've been offline for the past 36 hours or so and it's time to play catch up. I spent last Sunday night and Monday at my parent's house in Arkansas..

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Feedback on Belltech Suspension for '73 Chevy C10
Smoothin' Out the Bumps Posted September 7 2009 08:43 AM by STMIKE

Yesterday, the Parts Racer developed a mild vibration in the steering between 73-74 mph. Until that occurrence, the truck has been a dream to drive.

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Sport Truck's '73 Chevy is in Arkansas now
Billy D, Slick Willy, and Home Cookin' Posted September 7 2009 07:20 AM by STMIKE

I'm in Arkansas today. I got into town to visit my folks just in time for dinner last night, which was awesome. Nothin' like home cookin'.

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Relaxed Atmosphere Show
RA show day 2 Posted September 6 2009 06:19 AM by STMIKE

After a great night in Tennessee, we are headed back to USA Stadium for day two of the Relaxed Atmosphere All-Star Event...

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Sport Truck 73 Chevy C10 goes all the way to Tennessee
We Made It!! Posted September 5 2009 06:18 AM by STMIKE

It's 7am and we are in Tennessee.....

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sport truck 73 Chevy C10 is out of the body shop
Leaving Texas Now Posted September 4 2009 09:43 AM by STMIKE

We just finished putting the truck back together. No time to clean it or get rid of any paint residue, overspray etc.

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Waiting for a cowl induction hood for Chevy C10
No hood: I'm freaking out Posted September 3 2009 01:15 PM by STMIKE

Right now the truck is fully wetsanded, cleaned and taped off. It's ready to spray paint onto. But we are missing the new cowl induction hood.

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'73 Chevy C10 gets a new paintjob
The light at the end of the tunnel is blue Posted September 3 2009 10:06 AM by STMIKE

We've got color! The bed is out of the booth and drying in the hot Texas sun. Actually, it's not that hot today and it's quite humid, so it's drying slowy.

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Sport Truck's 73 C10 is in the paint booth
Primed and almost ready to go! Posted September 2 2009 03:24 PM by STMIKE

On Day 8 of the Pickup Fix-Up tour Kustomwerx laid down the primer on the Parts Racer. I can no longer call the truck The Brown Bomber and I'm stoked about that. Can't wait for tomorrow.

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Sport Truck Magazine '73 Chevy C10 bodywork
Day 7.... Posted September 1 2009 07:34 PM by STMIKE

today was filled with hammering, lots of it, and sanding, lots of that, and tonight my nose is filled with bondo boogers.

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sport truck magazine's new vocabulary
Fixin' and Y'all Posted September 1 2009 05:50 AM by STMIKE

Well that didn't take too long. We've been in Texas for less than four days and already the word "Y'all" has invaded my vocabulary on a regular basis.

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Sport Truck '73 C10 gets some love in Texas
Custom Work at Kustomwerx Posted August 31 2009 12:29 PM by STMIKE

Today we are in Conroe, Texas, visiting our pal Corey at Kustomwerx. Although the Parts Racer is running like a champ, it looks the part of a chump and that's where Corey is going to help out on the Pickup Fix-up Tour.

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sport truck's 73 Chevy C10 gets a new accessory
When in Rome.... Posted August 30 2009 10:16 PM by STMIKE

Oh now we didn't! oh yes we did! Ok, I did. Calin wants no part of this one.

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