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Energy Suspension Bushings for Project 1973 Chevy C10
The Brown Bomber Prepares To Hit The Road Posted August 14 2009 12:00 PM by 5569

A few weeks ago, we towed the 1973 Chevy C10 (Brown Bomber) to Energy Suspension in San Clemente, California.

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Filed under: New Sport Truck Products, Project Truck, Observations about features/should-be features, Chevy  | 

eBay Motors Launches Online Video Contest
Who's The Ultimate Automotive Enthusiast Posted August 13 2009 11:09 AM by 5569

Are you the ultimate automotive enthusiest? If you are, you may win a shopping spree from eBay Motors!

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Filed under: Miscellaneous  | 

Lock Your Tailgate
Case of the Disappearing Tailgate Posted August 12 2009 10:40 AM by 5569

In place of the tailgate which presumably once adorned the back of this Ford, there was a board.

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Filed under: Miscellaneous, Opinions, Ford  | 

Ludikrs Show 2009 to be Held in San Bernardino, CA
Ludikrs Show Returns This Weekend! Posted August 10 2009 04:24 PM by 5569

The Ludikrs Show is back in 2009 after last year's cancellation.

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Blackberry Blog Post
Blogging Without a Computer? Posted August 7 2009 02:35 PM by 5569

That's right, this entire blog was done on a phone, not a computer! 

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Filed under: Miscellaneous, Opinions  | 

'73 Chevy C10 tranny tuning by Compushift
the Brown Bomber finds overdrive Posted July 31 2009 02:54 PM by STMIKE

this morning i drove to Torrance, CA, to visit the gang at Compushift.

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Filed under: Project Truck  | 

'73 Chevy C10 Artists Rendering
What My C10 Will Eventually Look Like Posted July 27 2009 04:28 PM by STMIKE

Aside from the lettering, which I'm still playing around with, this is essentially what I'd like my C10 to look like. It's my idea for what the tow truck for the Penske Trans Am '69 Camaro would look like, if I owned that...

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Filed under: Project Truck  | 

'73 Chevy C10 Gets New Seats and an Oil Change
More Brown Bomber Mods Posted July 27 2009 04:22 PM by STMIKE

I'm currently referring to this C10 as The Brown Bomber only because a good portion of the sheetmetal is metallic brown and tan. Around the office its known as the parts racer because it's fast and will be used as...

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Filed under: Editorial  | 

1973 C10 LS1 Engine Swap Completed
The Brown Bomber C10 Lives! Posted July 27 2009 04:05 PM by STMIKE

I drove my '73 C10 six whole blocks yesterday for the first time in about 8 months and it was awesome!

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Burned Truck Found in the Desert
Desert Relic Posted July 24 2009 04:09 PM by 5569

During a recent dirt bike ride in the desert, we came upon the burned remains of a relatively new Nissan Titan at the base of a set of rolling hills.

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Filed under: Miscellaneous, Nissan  | 

Got Water in Your Fuel? I do.
What's in Your Fuel? Posted July 14 2009 10:30 AM by STMIKE

Every now and then, I like to take my trucks apart just to see how things are going inside of them. It's good for relievin' stress and is cheaper than drugs.

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Filed under: Editorial  | 

Geo Metro with Wheels that are so Wrong, They're Right
Californian Driver's are Weird Posted July 14 2009 10:25 AM by STMIKE

Ever seen something on the road that made you think to ourself, "What the *** were they thinking?" It happens to me all the time.

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Filed under: Editorial  | 

Ugly Truck Contest Day - July 20, 2009
Wanted: Ugly Trucks Posted July 6 2009 02:12 PM by 5569

My Google Search has confirmed that July 20th is Ugly Truck Day.

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Filed under: Miscellaneous, Funny Stories  | 

motorhome racing on top gear tv
The End all Be All of Racing Posted June 5 2009 03:44 PM by STMIKE

if figure 8 racing is crazy, and trailer racing around a figure 8 is downright retarded, then what does that make rv racing around an oval track?

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Filed under: Editorial  | 

trailer racin'
even better than figure 8 racin' Posted June 5 2009 03:34 PM by STMIKE

i've found a sport even nuttier than regular figure 8 racin'....

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Filed under: Editorial  | 

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